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Atomik Radio

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Live online Atomik Radio

Atomik Radio

Atomik Radio is a live radio station broadcasting from Rouen, France and dedicated to Dance. Atomik Radio a new generation radio which you redo discover the world of music for all generations, but also the discovery of new talents, interviews with stars. Atomik Radio a new generation radio which will make you discover all the music universe for generations, but also the discovery of new talent, star interviews.

Its leaders and Christian Moniez the Pascal Ortega say immediately: “We is Atomik . With a” k “We have nothing to do with Atomic (Pyrenean FM radio) but we thank the leaders who let us use our mark (Atomik) in Internet radio. it’s really nice of them as they were legally able to make us all stop. We have been able to thank it two weeks ago in the living room of the radio.  
Created a year ago on the Radionomy platform, Atomik radio was born from the imagination of many radio enthusiasts of the Normandy region. 

The hearing is the rendezvous and radio, the association status for now, has the ad revenue sharing program proposed by Radionomy. The musical program is generalist. And where many radios are broken teeth, Atomik Radio is in full success.

Radio Information:

Location: France

Language: French

Genres: Mix

Web Site:

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