06 AM Ibiza Underground
06 AM Ibiza Underground online

06 AM Ibiza Underground

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06 AM Ibiza Underground online

06 AM Ibiza Underground

06 AM Ibiza Underground Radio you can listen to the best underground music of Ibiza and stay up to date with parties, djs, music news and more!
With more than 40 djs and hundreds of guests shows, 06AM Ibiza brings you always fresh music and contents! Connect the phone to your stereo and let the party start!

Despite many people’s beliefs, underground is not a commodity, neither a product or a dress code. Underground is a movement about freedom, which expresses itself through various forms of art, like music, design and fashion.

Being underground requires the strength to stand out of the main stream, to fight for what you believe in, be that music or simply your way of living your life.

If you are an “old school” clubber, you know that something has been stolen to you. It’s the sparkling touch of freshness that you get from hearing something really new in a club, something that you haven’t heard on the radio before.

We are Gee Van D & Aaron Mills, owner of Technosession Records and Dogma Promotions.

As a team we decided to creating the 06 AM Ibiza Underground Radio to give back to the people the freedom that used to belong to the them.

In 2013 we started with our new project 06 AM Ibiza Underground Radio because we wanted to show the world the real underground scene of Ibiza. No commercials and no bullshit, just 24/7 pure underground music. In one year we have built a strong world wide audience that continues to grow day by day. You can listen to us on Internet or via our Iphone and Android apps.

On the 11st of July 2014 we are launching (opening party) our new Video and Audio broadcast studio and will be commencing Live Video broadcasting. Weekly will invite one renowned global Artist and 2 of the best local DJs. In the first month we have confirmed Elio Riso, Martinez Brothers, SIS, Dimitri Nakov with more to be announced.

Our aim is not only to promote the best underground music, but to also offer global exposure to the best DJs from the white island that share our dream of musical freedom.

Because, at the end, this is what is all about: in a world where the global market pushes to homogenise everything, from your clothes to the music you listen to, you must find someone that stands on your behalf and works to offer freedom and choices everyday.

This doesn’t mean that nobody cares, because the underground music is like a hidden garden where sometimes amazing flowers bloom, like the track from MyGod, Wonderland (Gee Van D and Aaron Mills remix), that has been in the techno worldwide chart for more than two weeks.

Ibiza is still a land of freedom if you search for it, and a place where you can find people like us who are fighting to save a culture that otherwise might be lost forever, eaten by the machinery of the modern music market.

So, if you believe in freedom, join the resistance, and spread the world about this. Otherwise, every day will be only another deja-vu. Be free, be underground, listen to 06 AM Underground Radio.

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 Location: Spain  Language: Spainish
 Genres: Misc, Rock  Web Site: www.06amibiza.com
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