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Radio Oasis FM

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Live Radio Oasis FM

Radio Oasis FM

Radio Oasis FM is one of the most famous online radio station on Tunisia. Radio Oasis FM live broadcasting from Tunisia.Radio Oasis FM is the first private radio station in Tunisia. It was founded on 22 November 2005, and today employs 88 people in Tunis. Radio Oasis FM is one of the most famous online radio station on Tunisia. broadcast various kind of latest news talk music.

Malouf is based on qasida, a kind of classical Arabic poetry, and comes in many forms, including the post-classical muwashshah, which abandons many of qasida’s rules, should, a very traditional form, and Zajac, a modern genre with a unique format.

The most important structural element of Malouf, however, is the Nuba, a two-part suite in a single maqam (an Arab model organized by quarter-tones), which lasts about an hour. A Nuba is a musical form introduced to North Africa with the migration of Muslim inhabitants of Spain in the 13 and 14th Century. It is divided to many parts :Isstifta7 Meader which are instrumental pieces Then come Attouq and the Silla which introduce to the poems. The sung pieces begin with the Brachia: A set of poem composed on the Main mode of the Nuba


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Location: Tunisia

Language: English

Genres: News, Talk

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