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La Rancherita del Aire

La Rancherita del Aire

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La Rancherita del Aire:

La Rancheria is a unique radio station in Mexico. The name Rancherita is derived from the Spanish word, which means royal. The original intent of this radio station was to provide music for all types of audiences. For example, it plays hip hop, reggae, jazz, and many other music genres that are not generally played in mainstream media or not to the audience who would be in charge of promoting such music.
La Rancheria del Aire broadcasts its music through the airwaves, which can reach a wide range of the Mexican audience. It comes with a more comprehensive geographical location than the traditional radio station that plays only the major country music, although it plays the popular salsa and mariachi music styles. La Rancherita also provides music for children and other news outlets. Since the establishment of La Rancherita del Aire, they have expanded their offerings and started offering news, sports events, music videos, comedy programs, and educational programs to broaden their target audience.
La Rancheria has two radio stations, one for radios and another for CDs and DVDs. They are operated and recorded from a studio in Guadalajara, Mexico. Each radio station features different radio personalities, and Jose Garcia P. hosts them. The DJs work for various shows, and some musicians or bands perform during certain programs.

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