Listen Shqip 92.00 FM Albania

Listen Shqip 92.00 FM Albania:

There are 3 national radio stations and 63 local radio stations in Albania. The public radio signal of RTSH Radio Tirana covers 80.5% of the territory, while those of Top Albania Radio and Club FM, both commercial radio stations with a national license, cover 93.7%, and the western lowland respectively. There are some ongoing initiatives to measure audience shares in the country, but they are limited in geographical scope and the results are not public. However, radio stations seem to be more of an entertainment medium, with main music, interrupted by news flashes or talk show programs.


Radio Shqip 92.00 FM Albania is a popular radio station for all types of listeners. All listeners can listen to songs that were chosen by the listener.

Radio contact Info:

Name : Radio Shqip
Location : Albania
Language : Albanian
Social Link : Twitter, Facebook
Website : shqipfm.al


Radio Shqip live