Mazaj FM

Mazaj FM

Mazaj Fm Radio broadcast its launch the mood of the city of Ramallah on prompt 102.5 FM,
An idea that collective work of my youth before the broadcast began our idea in 2010 and where we have during the previous period studied reality and the requirements of all segments of Palestinian society.
And contribute to the mood of FM in the development of the local Palestinian media and raise the awareness of society towards a culture of more general in line with the rapid development of culture and interlocks in the world.
The mood FM tongue-speaking younger generation of Palestinian rookie all affiliations and orientations and ideas based on the crew of a specialist and a professional in his field.
This has got the mood of the certificates and the necessary licenses by the Ministries of Information and Communications and Information Technology, as well as certification from the Interior Ministry and the Municipality of Ramallah and rooms Ramallah industry.

Advantages of the radio:
Mazaj FM, A radio mood character Variety and distinctive make it rises between radio stations, in all its programs and newsletters with a footprint radio and in a way a new, in addition to cultural bulletins with knowledge of the Palestinian cultures in all its aspects and focus on the cultural aspect of the radio, and the variety of songs that saturate the listener audience all sects mood and Samayate, a private radio station, independent and impartial.

Radio Information:

Location: Arabic

Language: Arabic

Genres: Muisc, Hits

Website: www.mazajfm.com