From humble roots the 2mm has grown and has antapokirthei the requirements of the large Greek-speaking community in Sydney, Darwin and the Goulongongk. Since then much has changed, the experimental station was transformed into a professional radio and emissions have been improved and include news belts and permanent emissions. We gained a good name that is timeless. Sounds longer list worldwide through Internet, increasing in this way the audience.

The 2mm program, faithful to the values of quality entertainment and information covering a wide range of topics. But it is not only the issues we cover we like our audience is also the way that our announcers presenting them. Our listeners require from us and third view, that does not give the other stations and newspapers. Always bear in mind our common when preparing news and announcements.

The 2mm still faithfully serves the diptych entertainment-training and always tries to keep pace with the needs of the era and its listeners. An important factor of success was and is its human resources. All together, old and new producers, put the bases to create a modern, direct, streamlined and smiling program.

Radio Information:

Location: Sydney, Australia

Language: English

Genres: Greek, Community, News, Talk, Sydney

Web Site: www.2mm.com.au