Bay and Basin FM

Bay and Basin FM

Bay and Basin FM, In 1990, a group of people passionate about their community created and established Bay and Basin Community Resources as a community Based ‘not-for-profit’ charitable organization. These people gave of their time voluntarily to meet and address the concerns regarding the lack of community services in the area. Bay and Basin FM has been at the forefront of Community Services across the Shoalhaven and more recently the Illawarra. BBCR is working to ensure that the future generations, our children and grandchildren can continue to remain living independently in the comfort of their homes surrounded by the beauty this wonderful area has to offer. BBCR Mission Statement outlines the organization’s aims and objectives.

For much of its history, Australia’s bush music belonged to an oral and folkloric tradition, and was only later published in print in volumes such as Banjo Paterson’s Old Bush Songs, in the 1890s. The distinctive themes and origins of Australia’s “bush music” or “bush band music” can be traced to the songs sung by the convicts who were sent to Australia during the early period of the British colonisation, beginning in 1788.

Radio Information:

Location: Australia

Language: English

Genres: Community

Web Site: www.bbcri.com.au