Radio Skidrow

Radio Skidrow

Radio Skidrow started with test telecasts on a landline to Long Bay Jail. It first went to air as a completely authorized station in 1983, television to the most underestimated in the group. The main telecasters included individuals from the Indigenous group, the Communist Party, transient specialists boards, squatters, jail activists and youngsters. It was clear from the earliest starting point that Radio Skid Row would be remarkable; for a begin, Skid Row distributed 20 hours of broadcast appointment to the nearby Koori group. These projects got to be known as Radio Redfern and formed into an association in the middle of Indigenous and non-Indigenous supporters. The station called itself the Radio Skidrow-Radio Redfern Connection and an Aboriginal-possessed studio was constructed in Redfern, with a landline interfacing it to the principle studio at Sydney University.

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Radio Information:

Location: Sydney, Australia

Language: English

Genres: Sydney, Community

Web Site: www.radioskidrow.org