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Bhoot fm

Bhoot FM has an online show about supernatural and paranormal activities. It is one of the famous show feed so that those who cannot tune into radio channels owing to geographical barriers can listen to them. This is the only radio station that plays all genres of music and has a very wide range of musical offerings.

Bhoot FM offers a number of the supernatural show on which they play a mix of national and international listing everywhere. Most of their shows are very exclusive. This is quite a large amount of time, which speaks volumes for the quality of content they offer.

It has already established a supernatural show in Bangladesh. Many Bangladeshis are now tuning in to this station to listen to their enjoying his favourite show.

Radio Jockeys:
RJ Mahfuz Dhaka Central RJ Russell Dhaka Central RJ Nusrat Fariha Dhaka Central RJ Ifti Sylhet Central RJ Jifue Khulna Central

Radio Information:

Location: Bangladesh

Language: Bangla

Genres: classical, folk, Pop

Web Site: Bhoot FM