98.1 The One

98.1 The One:

98.1 The One is one of the most famous online radio station in Barbados. The new sound of 98. 1 FM in a hostile manner and enthusiastically takes on the task connected with meeting the particular play and facts desires connected with today’s young era. 98. 1 “The One” is actually remapping the particular soundscape connected with Barbadian Radio. 98.1 The One live broadcasting from Barbados.


98.1 The One FM also highlights talented and creative young people – the athletes, the artists, the young entrepreneurs at the primary and secondary school level, those involved in extra-curricular activities like cadets and guiding, dance and drama – all packaged with the best in dancehall, hip hop, and Caribbean sounds.

Radio Contact Info:

Radio Information:
Location: Barbados Language: English
Genres: Dancehall, Hip Hop, Hits WebSite: www.theone.bb