Barock Musik

Barock Musik

Barock Musik is one of the most famous online radio station on Belgium. Barock Musik broadcast various kind of latest hip hop, classic, dance, electronic etc. music . Barock Musik live broadcasting from Belgium.

Bobbejaan Schoepen has been a pioneer in Belgian vaudeville and pop music since the late 1940s. Not only was he the first Belgian singer to manage an international breakthrough, he was also the first to use modern equipment, a personal tourbus and a system of artist sponsoring. He also introduced the first country & western recordings in the Low Countries and Germany. In the 1950s Bobbejaan Schoepen recorded his own absolutely crazy folk music often singing in Flemish dialect. He was also a virtuoso whistler.

From the late 1960s, Flanders saw a vivid revival of traditional music (and, to a lesser degree, of traditional dances) through the efforts of musicians like Wannes Van de Velde, Willem Vermandere, Walter De Buck, Hubert Boone, Herman De Wit and many more. They inspired a new generation of folk musicians through their written and recorded publications, and through festivals and regular summer academies and master classes. Barock Musik is one of the most famous online radio station on Belgium.

Radio Information:

Location: Belgium

Language: English

Genres: Klassik

Web Site: barock-music.playtheradio.com