Poppycorn Radio

Poppycorn Radio

Poppycorn Radio live broadcasting from Belgium. Poppycorn Radio broadcasts 24/7, they plays nonstop music, rap, rock, hip-hop, trance, electro house, country, soft etc music. It is one of the most famous online radio station on Belgium. Popcorn oldies are particular hits from the end of the 50ties, early 60ties of the previous century …

The name “Popcorn” alludes to the uncommon move music that turned into a hit toward the end of the sixties in the Belgian discotheques. Additionally the Dutch discotheques attempted to promote the selective type mid seventies. At last the class vanished toward the end of the eighties.

The music I am discussing, the supposed popcorn oldies, dates from the period 1954-1967. Particularly the United States were the support of the class. The music reached a critical stage in 1961 and 1962. It is not difficult to move on Popcorn-music, due to the beat & soul and Latin-American impacts.

Popcorn-oldies can be portrayed as an issue mélange of doo wop, particularly soul and beat & soul, cha, furthermore a bit of highschool rock & roll. Later on some ska and reggae impacts were included. Anyhow popcorn oldies are fundamentally soul. The entire idea made a select climate of an, as per some, dark dance club in New York. Perhaps you can essentially say that the popcorn sound is the forerunner of the spirit, and thusly of the disco, the hip bounce, the rap and the house.

Radio Information:

Location: Belgium

Language: English

Genres: Variety

WebSite: www.poppycorn.us