Radio Alma

Radio Alma

Radio Alma live broadcasting from Belgium. Radio Alma is one of the most famous online radio station on Belgium. Radio Alma In a greedy information society, where it always travels faster, the communication is necessarily more impersonal. The Brussels radio landscape can not escape this tendency. For proof, just move on the beach Brussels frequencies and find the consistency of proposed emission formats. Radio Alma strives to offer an alternative to his audience through programming rich in cultural diversity. It takes into account the specificities of Brussels communities, especially those from southern Europe and Latin America. By positioning the listener as an essential actor activities the resort is close to our radio listeners, it is palpable and they can recognize themselves in his actions. Many organizations rely on the station to echo their activities, Radio Alma providing these communities with a powerful communication tool with wide circulation, helps them to better perform their assignments and help them improve awareness of a common cultural heritage and, thus, strengthen the spirit of European citizenship. Alma has existed since 1978 on the initiative of a father unfortunate circumstances had separated from his son, and that the radio had become a privileged relationship and more specifically the show “wall pass” that marked the history of radio Free Brussels. But Alma Radio as we know it today, was born in March 1986. These are the first restructuring plan and stop frequency of the station that led five young people from emigration to resume the association and to develop a new project for a pluralistic and independent radio and whose essential emissions, in addition to French, would be broadcast in Spanish, Greek, Italian and Portuguese. For nearly nine years, Radio Alma was unable to issue, lack of available frequencies. She was also the only radio recognized the French Community without frequency. And it was only after many adventures and administrative procedures, through a short period of emission pirate (3 months end 93), the station could resume contact with his listeners. This recovery was not without concessions, and sharing frequency was imposed. So right now coexist two stations on FM 101.9. We will not dwell in this space to recount in detail the history of our station, this will be a column in the following pages. But it seemed useful to briefly resume the motivations and objectives of the station.

Radio Information:

Location: Belgium

Language: French

Genres: Music

WebSite: radioalma.be