Radio Lichtaart

Radio Lichtaart

Radio Lichtaart live broadcasting from Lichtaart, Belgium. Radio Lichtaart is a one of the most famous online radio station on Belgium. Radio Lichtaart broadcast various kind of Oldies music.

The end of 1981 came a few people on the idea as when fashion was to start with a free radio. Coincidentally insisted the kitchen / conference table a box of processed cheese from Philadelphia brand …. and so Radio Philadelphia was born in Lichtaart. After a few contacts here and there a few people were willing to let the radio use a ground floor in the Leistraat to Lichtaart. After it was implemented a change of name in 1987 was renamed Radio Radio Philadelphia Lichtaart. Moments later, the radio was taken from the eater by the government.

In 1991, the association Radio Lichtaart with an approval decision by a full-time broadcasting capability. At 20-21 and March 22, 1992 the new studio in Leistraat was officially inaugurated and began sending back the radio. The desire of the board was “Let us build together in a good atmosphere and sanity Radio Lichtaart.”

Having seen several amendments to the bylaws Radio Lichtaart moved in 2006 with a completely new Board of Directors for the Herentalsesteenweg 4 in Lichtaart. Radio Lichtaart counts on sponsors, publicity spots and membership fees from listeners and regularly organizes various activities. It is the desire of the government to increase the number of listeners to 15000 by providing more professional service which with more staff and better equipment.

Radio Information:

Location: Lichtaart, Belgium

Language: Dutch

Genres: Oldies

WebSite: www.radiolichtaart.be