FM 89

FM 89

FM 89 is one of the most famous online radio station on BermudaFM 89 broadcasts 24/7,they plays nonstop Adult Contemporary, Spoken live on the internet. To make the youth connected with the music world they decorate their playlist with songs that youth will love.

The Gombey dance is an iconic symbol of Bermudan culture. It mixes elements of British, West African and indigenous New World cultures. In Gombey, dancers have to be male,have to be black and their father has to have been a Gombey dancer and they perform in groups of 10-30[2] in wild masquerade costumes with brilliant colors and odd angles, meant to evoke the plumage of tropical birds; they are sometimes based on Bible verses. Gombey dances are taught orally, through family members. The dances are energetic, and grow swifter gradually, while the spectators become more wild and energetic. The gombey tradition is at its liveliest during the Christmas season, and is also performed during Boxing Day, Easter, New Year’s Day, football and cricket matches and other festivals and celebrations.

The word “Gombey” is related to the Bahamian “Goombay”, a similar dance tradition. It also refers to a specific drum of African origin (see List of Caribbean drums). In addition to the Bahamian Goombay tradition, Gombey is similar to some other Afro-Caribbean styles and celebrations (such as the Mummers). Afro-Caribbeans brought to Bermuda as slaves or convicts during colonial times introduced other Caribbean traditions.

Radio Information:

Location: Bermuda

Language: English

Genres: Adult Contemporary, Spoken

WebSite: FM 89