The Greatest electric guitars for beginners at 2023

The Greatest electric guitars for beginners at 2023

If you’re thinking about beginning with the guitar as the new interest or returning into a fantasy you had to depart parked, you might have contemplated doing it with a brand new electric guitar in your own hands. Now it isn’t required to invest a million to begin, with less than 300 euros it’s guaranteed that you’ll have an adequate guitar to learn will last you a couple of years prior to making the jump to higher versions should you want.

In our list, we’ve included versions under 300 euros, and we’ve tried to add unique brands by choosing those that could play an adequate role as another guitar the day that you move to a much better one.

Yamaha Pacifica 112V: the most recommended that is common

The chances that a more experienced guitarist will suggest a Yamaha Pacifica for novice guitar information is extremely significant. It’s been in the marketplace for several decades, and its formulation is easy: it’s a guitar with what’s necessary and made properly.

It’s intended to play genres and despite the fact that it isn’t the cheapest in its category (there’s also been the less expensive Yamaha 012), the cost is fair for what it provides.

It has 22 frets and a double and 2 single pickups, an extremely intriguing choice that will make it possible for you to pay a great deal of ground. The 112VM version is just one of the present versions, together with the 112VMX which additionally includes the black pickguard.

Fender Modern Player Telecaster Thin line Deluxe – (Great All-rounder)

Fender is a guitar leader. Its history of earning quality guitars stretches past decades. This guitar provides both sweet and competitive tones thanks to both MP-90 pickups.

Using its 9.5-inch radius, this particular guitar is remarkably comfortable to perform with. You will find 22 medium-sized frets plus a six-saddle hard-tail bridge.


+ Unbelievably cheap, which is ideal for a novice.

We Liked It – Overall this Fender Modern Player Telecaster Thin line Deluxe is a superb option if you’re trying to pick up your very first electric guitar.

Ibanez RG450DX RG Collection Starter Electric Guitar

A Japanese firm that’s famous for the amazing guitars, Ibanez is a superb brand for novices. Collectively, these provide this guitar a wonderful sound. The Ibanez RG450DX RG collection Starter Electric Guitar is a fairly nice looking guitar with amazing sound to boot up.

You are going to require among those cables too if you would like to purchase this guitar.


+ The Ibanez RG450DX RG collection Starter Electric Guitar isn’t hard to play due to its neck form.

+ The uniqueness of the guitar adds to its general price.

+ it is a standout performer in its budget.

The neck of the guitar is C-shaped making string bending simple as you would like. This guitar has a strat body contour that adds to its trendy, classic appearance.


+ World-class audio excellent courtesy of the geniuses in Fender.

+ A fantastic value for the money.

We Liked It As far as novice electric guitars move, you would have difficulty finding something greater than the Squier by Fender Vintage Modified’51.

Epiphone Les Paul-100 Electric Guitar

This guitar includes 700T Humbucker pickups, as well as the fretboard of the guitar, is made from rosewood. The body of this Epiphone Les Paul-100 Electric Guitar consists of mahogany but includes a walnut top.

It is thanks to this mahogany body this guitar creates such a fantastic sound. For a newcomer, this tool is a must-have. Feel as if you are prepared for another step up? Have a look at our overview of the very best electric guitars for intermediates and experts.


+ wonderful Epiphone sound quality.

+ although this is a beginner guitar that the cost is simply outstanding.

We Liked It – Overall, the Epiphone Les Paul-100 Electric Guitar is a terrific starter guitar, using a pleasant, cheap price tag attached to it.

Add even more vibe using a contemporary uni-vibe pedal.

The throat is C-shaped using a fingerboard made from rosewood.


+ Has an extremely high-quality polyester sunburst finish.

+ Fantastic audio quality when compared with other guitars at this price point.

+ Accessible at a very low price.

Squier Affinity Stratocaster

Squier Affinity Stratocaster has to be understood that many people who begin playing with the guitar do this because we feel enthusiasm for our guitar heroes, and it’s natural that we would like to have something which looks like the tool they take but without spending a lot of money.

The Squier versions are a fantastic means to have something like the Fender of the idols, but without needing to shell out so much.

The Affinity series isn’t really the lowest priced out of Fender, but it’s among the most popular and favorite with many guitar students, together with the Strat and Telecaster being the most widespread.

Be aware there are variants not just in color: the Stratocaster, by way of instance, is accessible using 3 single pickups or using two easy and a dual (humbucker) to get a little more intense stone sounds.

Harley Benton ST-20: a Strato option

If you’ve got less than 100 euros to purchase a guitar, then it doesn’t imply you can’t have one using the minimum to find out: Harley Benton ST-20 models generally receive great reviews for their grade/cost ratio.

Obviously, the brand has marginally more expensive versions with marginally higher functionality, but those who are Stratocaster design, seldom exceed 200 euros.

Harley Benton SC-450Plus, motivated by another must-have classic

We’ve talked a great deal about the Stratocaster, it’s the right time to provide options to the famed Gibson Les Paul, another great model from the background of the electric guitar.

This business looks slightly less populated at the assortment of costs under 300 euros, however, there are still choices: among the most scenic is the Harley Benton SC-450Plus, belonging to the new Vintage Series.

Within this budget, it’s normally uncommon to find all of the normal aesthetic attributes of a Les Paul in precisely the exact same period (glued neck, arch shirt with some ribbon, typical colors) and this version brings them together for the most part. Additionally, he’s gathered numerous great reviews since his death in 2015.


Epiphone SG Special: highway to hell for less than

Epiphone SG Special: highway to hell for much less than It is Apparent that something like Angus Young’s ax out of AC / DC was missing to Have the Ability to respond to all of you who begin inspired by the Australian: that the Epiphone is a little but powerful alternative to Have the Ability to hang something near the Gibson SG which We’ve seen at the hands of numerous famous guitarists. Ibanez GIO GRG140, an alternative with a contemporary personality

Ibanez GIO GRG140, an alternative with a modern character

This guitar, without surpassing the 300 euro limitation, provides 24 frets and a marginally less classical idea. Here really is actually the Ibanez GRG140-SB (SB stands for its Sunburst end ), a guitar using a contemporary layout and very attractive look, considered to be adaptable, and okay to play any of those genres which are usually played after studying.

To get a bit more, the GRG170 also tends to have compliments from novices, now with a more metal decorative and an intriguing twist, double-single-double pickup settings, which until today hadn’t appeared on our listing.

In order to not get too much time, we’ll inform you it is a set of attributes appropriate for doing really quick solos and for enjoying the most specialized solo guitar styles.

While it might seem like it to the cost and how we have set it, the Floyd Rose is not necessarily an update for everybody, it is only an alternative for a number of types of music.

Frequent inquiries

With dual or single pickup?

If you would like to do heavy or hard rock fashions, using at least a double pickup may be crucial. In the remaining genres, the problem may not be quite as dramatic,

but in case you’ve got the chance to obtain a guitar that has both kinds of pickup, it may be an excellent choice to cover more ground. Guitars using a dual-pickup in the bridge position and 2 single pickups are perfect for this.

With vibrato or using a fixed bridge?

If you have not noticed, a few guitars possess a lever near wherever your choice hand is put. That is because they have some type of vibrato, although there are different guitars that don’t have this attribute (see, look at it from the description, since the lever could be removed and it can confuse you when you merely examine the photograph ).

The vibrato can be used to create undulating consequences when moving the lever, it’s quite common in the surf and classic music generally, but it’s also utilized to perform stunts with stone.

It has to be stated that in reduced ranges, it’s fairly normal for vibratos to be interchangeable with detuning after utilizing the lever, so generally, they should be used responsibly.

If that’s done, there’s absolutely no difficulty in using a guitar with vibrato in case you enjoy the version for the rest of its attributes. In reality, a lot of individuals have them rather than set the lever, they abandon it in the instance.

It’s a sort of vibrato which protects you from the above-mentioned tunings, but the cost that you pay is that its own alteration is more and dull as well as the reversal of strings is a lot more and harder than that of a guitar using a fixed bridge or using conventional vibrato.

If you elect for a Floyd Rose, nothing occurs, certainly, you may learn how to do it but if you were searching for something easier and totally free of maintenance, the alternatives are more appropriate.

It’s very important to explain these two structure techniques specify two noises, but not just two attributes. It’s correct that coincidentally it’s more affordable to screw a rod than to paste it, however, ice cream can also be more affordable than Russian caviar, and perhaps you enjoy ice cream longer.

Traditionally, guitars very similar to the Fender Stratocaster generally possess a bolt-on neck, and people near Les Paul usually have it glued. Occasionally this second kind could be introduced screwed to ensure it is more economical: even though as we mentioned in the start which isn’t bad per se, generally speaking, guitarists usually attempt to “get as near as you can” to legendary guitar versions, thus we are apt to search for guitars very similar to a Les Paul are glued neck.

Nearly every cheap Strat-type guitar that you encounter will probably be screwed down, and that’s something, so with people that you do not need to think about this detail.

Do forests matter?

This really is one of the Wonderful arguments in a guitarist’s lifetime, however for the beginning point You’re at, you Simply Need to understand a few particulars:

On several occasions, rather than those forests you will find cheaper replacements for these (most of those on the record have this caliber ).

In such cost ranges, we don’t advise that you make your choice based on the kind of wood, because in virtually all of them there’s normally extremely little raw material.

With tools of many thousand euros it will make sense, however, with newcomer guitars, it’s more important to be guided by the excellent reviews of individuals who desired to perform exactly the same thing as you.

Extra hints

Be aware that not all of them have exactly the exact same amount of frets, some possess 21, 22, and many others 24. If the songs that you would like to play include a great deal of 24 frets (quite standard of metalheads and soloists), then you may want to choose one which has it.

You need to apply the identical philosophy to the existence/lack of a bridge so that we’ve emphasized the issues which floating bridges and vibratos demand does not indicate you ought to discard them in case your songs need them.

The aesthetic difficulty is also quite significant, although logically within our article we’ve been quite conservative, a peaked guitar could possibly be something that inspires you fits with your own music.

Obviously, keep in mind that not all guitars are played both comfortably if we’re seated, and a few might have the burden spread unevenly, something which generally is generally considered not quite favorable.

Another factor: in general, the model is far much more significant than the brand to attain certain sounds: when Satriani conveys Ibanez and I would like to seem like him, perhaps not all of the Ibanez on the marketplace will bring me nearer to his audio simply because they’re out of that new. It must also have comparable advantages.

Even though two Stratocasters from various brands might seem exactly the same, they could have a distinct sound and feel: be directed by the testimonials you read to attempt and differentiate the attributes which are important for you.

Cost differences of 30 or 40 aren’t always accompanied by a really noticeable improvement. At times it’s just the pricing policies of every brand which make the item more costly, and not always that they’re better.

Check more than 1 alternative: remember that lots of shops have quite elastic return policies, so in the event that you don’t receive the first one right, you might hit the next one.

Whenever you’re just beginning, purchasing a second hand may raise many questions, but in case you’ve got a spiritual guide who guides you nicely, don’t rule out taking a look at our sales department.

Matters to Consider

While purchasing your new or ever guitar, then you ought to know more about the building blocks that make your own guitar. Every part plays its role. Each of the elements works together to generate audio. Before purchasing a new guitar, then get knowledgeable about the sections of a guitar.


The mind is that the timber in the close of the neck holds down the tuners. Think about the dimensions and shape of this guitar since the mind holds the tuner that affects the notes because of the way in which the neck vibrates.


As stated over the tuners are situated on the mind of this guitar. They’re placed in line with the form and dimensions of their mind. They’re arranged with either six or three on every side. In the same way, good excellent created tuners output accurate notes.

They maintain your strings at an angle to pressurize the nut so that your strings do not pop out when you are practicing.

Truss modification

Truss adjusters correct the curve of their neck for maintaining the strings aligned and to correct the elevation of the strings.


The nut is a tiny bit of plastic that has slots inside to maintain each series individually. The nut retains the strings and supports the strings in the conclusion of the head. The nut sets the spacing of every string and retains the rope at a suitable height.


The neck is a lengthy bit of wood that connects the mind and the body also retains the fretboard, frets, nut, and tuners.


Frets are the flat metallic strips onto the fingerboard that split the neck into rigid sections. Each section represents a single semitone.

There are 3 sorts of frets. Fan frets provide the lower-pitched strings longer length and also the strings shorter span. Fat frets were utilized in older guitars; they are produced from thick or thin cable for easier bending.

Fret markers would be the white or colored dots on the fretboard. They’re indicators that help you discover which place you’re on.

The fretboard or the fingerboard is a very long strip of timber or some other substance that is attached to the front part of the neck. Hardwoods such as rosewood or walnut are widely utilized.


There are two different types of strings for electric guitars, heavy and light gauge. Lighter ones are easier to play with and permit simple bending of notes, however, they’re more likely to crack and produce significantly less quantity. On the opposing side, heavier ones create high volume however are tough to play and need much more finger pressure to bend notes.


Electric guitars possess a good figure and they transmit the vibrations into the amplifier with the assistance of pickups which feel the strings’ vibrations.


This is the principal element that divides acoustic guitars out of electric guitars. A pickup senses the vibration by a series, transfers it into the guitar amplifier that then transports it into the loudspeaker. There are numerous pickups but we will cover the four primary ones. The single-coil pickup has one coil of cable with two horseshoe-shaped magnets.

The P90 pickup is one coil pickup with a single broad coil that raises the surface area of the strings, making a larger yet less bright noise. Humbucker pickups were created with dual coils.

They create warmer, warmer, stronger sounds but roll some greater frequency noise. Active-passive pickups use a battery-powered circuit to make a strong yet balanced tone throughout a range of frequencies.

Many electric guitars frequently feature multiple pickups for various outputs. A pickup selector switches pickups off or on. These components turn up the volume and down and modify the quantity of treble.


Within an electrical guitar, there are two kinds of bridges. Vibrato bridges have an arm that extends from underneath the series which functions as a lever. The participant can pull or push it to alter the pitch and strain.

The longer contact the bridge gets to the entire body, the better your audio will be transferred within the body. On the flip side, we’ve got non-vibrato bridges that offer an anchoring point but don’t have any control overstrain or pitch of strings.

strap button

The best sort of strap button is really a locking strap. It keeps your strap secured in precisely the exact same place securely. Before purchasing a new guitar or shifting to a different one, think about these aspects to be certain that you get your hands to the ideal tool for your needs, level, and style!

Are Electric Guitars Good for Beginners?

Beginning to learn in an electric guitar can be far simpler when compared to an acoustic guitar. Electric guitar chords are easier to hold down since the diameter of the throat is shorter.

The strings on the electric guitars tend to be somewhat thicker than those of acoustic guitars, which can be easier in your palms if you are just beginning.

They may be marginally more expensive than acoustic guitars, particularly because other equipment is necessary to encourage your playing (i.e. amps, wires, etc. ). It is all a question of personal taste, however, here are a few of our best choices.

The body is constructed from mahogany that’s famous to get a warm/balanced noise with a great grip. The rosewood fretboard enriches the noises and sustains. A C-shaped neck provides the newcomer with amazing comfort. Ultimately, this guitar features 2 humbucker pickups for wash and fantastic sound.

The Squier Deluxe Stratocaster by Fender is just another superb digital guitar for novices. The body consists of basswood that’s a gentle, light wood with a number of the greatest mid and upper-frequency manufacturing companies.

A walnut neck and fretboard further aid the mid and higher range frequency noise. Its C-shaped neck ensures the ideal relaxation. One is delegated for master volume control, 1 tone control for the neck pickup, and single tone control for moderate pickup. The five-way switch enables you to blend these 3 pickups and create the broadest array of sounds!

Is an Electric Guitar Easier to Learn Than Acoustic?

Again, it is an issue of personal taste and style. A lot of men and women would rather learn about acoustic guitars, but the strings are a lot harder which induces fatigue to learn hands.

The strings create a buzzing impact since they are tough. Harder strings imply that studying hands will find it tricky to play bar chords. On the flip side, electric guitars provide comfort whilst holding down chords because the diameter of the neck is shorter compared to that of the acoustic guitar.

The strings in an electric guitar are somewhat softer, meaning you are able to practice longer with no hands getting sore. The tendency of playing with light strings in the start can trouble in the near future as acoustic guitars are also required in various music manufacturing circumstances. And remember, you will want to pick an amp up and so to play with your electric guitar.

On the entire electrical guitars are easier to learn on but in case you’ve got a little bit of experience playing an acoustic guitar, controlling the electrical guitar is kid’s play.

The Greatest electric guitars for beginners at 2023