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Pan American Radio

Radio Panamericana radio born into the life of the country on July 17, 1972, 42 years ago with the industrial visionary Miguel Dueri, a new station appeared on the dial, which later became the most important institution of national radio broadcasting.


Radio Panamericana is a Peruvian radio station, which broadcasts from Lima nationwide. It began broadcasting on December 1, 1953, and is owned by Grupo Panamericana de Radios. Its musical programming is focused on salsa and timba genres. In addition to Latin, merengue and bachata sporadically. Currently, its main competitors are Radiomar from CRP Radios and Radio La Kalle from Corporación Universal.


Radio  contact info:

Address: Edif. 16 de Julio, P. 9, Of. 902 (The Prado)

Phone: (591-2) 2334271

Email: [email protected]

(591-2) 2313980
[email protected] – Telephone: 7200 7756


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