Radio Aura Bulgaria

Radio Aura Bulgaria:

Radio Aura Bulgaria live broadcasting from Bulgaria. Radio Aura Bulgaria is a public radio station in Bulgaria. They are very popular in Bulgaria for their popular musical and public affair related radio programs. Radio Aura Bulgaria broadcast various kind of latest music, news, and talk.


This is Radio AURA  Bulgaria – the first private radio station in Bulgaria. Broadcast in 1992 and have our own program in 1993. On Radio AURA are played an enthralling mixture of current hits and an alternative new flow of various genres. In an attempt to represent the diversity of AUBG, we present shows in 3 languages – Bulgarian, English, and Russian.

The team is composed entirely of students of the American University in Bulgaria, but the radio is independent of university media. Broadcast online atwww.radio-aura.org. AURA e a completely voluntary non-profit organization and the members do not earn absolutely any financial compensation. Students in AURA are proud to work for the idea AURA represents in exchange for the valuable experience and a professional working atmosphere.

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Radio Information:

Location: Bulgaria

Language: English

Genres: Music, News, Talk

Web Site:  www.radio-aura.org