Tangra Mega Rock Online Radio

Tangra Mega Rock Online Radio:

Tangra Mega rock Online radio is a metal band from Sofia, Bulgaria, found in 1997.[1] Their style is a mixture between death and thrash metal, while the band has continually evolved from old school to more technical sounding. The band has played at numerous concerts in Bulgaria for more than 20 years. They have supported many death metal bands at their gigs in Bulgaria, such as Obituary,[2] Arch Enemy,[3] Asphyx,[4] Cancer, Angel Witch, Vader, Crematory, Pungent Stench.


Radio Tangra Mega Rock gives their listeners an immersive rock musical experience and the radio is the very first dedicated rock and metal music based online radio station of Bulgaria. Radio Tangra Mega Rock also along with operating the radio station has other multimedia broadcasting wings and all of them are entertaining.

Radio Contact Info:

Email: [email protected]