DaunPenh EFM

DaunPenh EFM

DaunPenh EFM is one of the most famous online radio station on Cambodia. DaunPenh EFM live broadcasting from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. DaunPenh EFM is 24 hour 7 day live Online radio.

DaunPenh EFM was inaugurated radio and the official poster on 01 May 2014 by broadcasting from Phnom Penh and strong 3.5Kw with beautiful stereo sound from 4.30 am to 11.10 night broadcast FM 87.5 Mhz.

Radio Vision Daum focused mainly on production programs serve adults include:

  • New music from all domestic production, both inside and outside
  • Other research articles related to everyday life
  • Information technology
  • The Passion, which suit all walks of young people prefer

Based on this success, and by gaining popularity as well as the support of the fans listening on July 4, 2014, radio Daum expanded stream with guaranteed quality voice clear to Kampong Cham and Siem Reap on 28 October 2014, broadcast FM 87.7 Mhz.

The main directions of the radio Daum continued expansion of the network more provinces to respond to requests, as well as constant support from fans listeners who call into the radio program we asked to extend broadcasting to other provinces.

Radio Information:

Location: Cambodia

Language: Khmer

Genres: Pop, Top40

Web Site: daunpenhefm.com