1460 CJOY Online Radio

1460 CJOY Online Radio:

1460 CJOY – CJOY is a broadcasting radio station in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. It broadcasts the biggest hits. 1460 CJOI broadcasters believe in providing a variety of original music.
Welly Slater and Fred Metcalfe launched a 150-foot (46 m) tower in Gelf Township, Wellington County, on June 14, 1948, using a non-directional, 1450 kHz Gelf’s first radio station, CJOY.
On April 1, 2009, CJOY moved 10,000 watts day and 15,000 watts nighttime (fulltime) to 1460 kHz from a new site in the southern half of Pouslinch Township, Wellington County.
This requires the use of four 164-foot (overall height) towers. The station initially proposed to go to 1430 kHz with 5,000 watts but it was decided that 1460 kHz would provide better service.
On July 26, 1972, CJOY-AM and FM 75 were approved to move to new studios and offices on Speedwall Avenue where it is broadcasting from today.
In 1980, the transmitter site was updated and the FM station co-assembled on the same property.The combined system uses three 160-foot (49 m) and a 400-foot (120 m) towers, designed by P. George George Mather.
Only one other co-equipped AM / FM site existed in Canada after it was completed. On April 26, 1986, Kworth Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (which was indirectly controlled by Paul Desmaris) bought CJOY Ltd. and Galt Broadcasting Co. Ltd.
(CJOY, CKLA-FM and by then AM 96 Cambridge) From Principal Wally Slater and Fred Metcalfe. Other partners in AM96 are Neil Stillman, K Metcalfe, Nancy Slater, Bill Dawkins and Larry Smith. In 1989 the corporate name was Power Broadcasting Inc.
This changed.Wally Slater, co-founder of CJOY, died on June 19, 1995. Partner Fred Metcalfe died in February 1996. They were also the founders of Canada’s first cable TV system called Gelfe (1952) ‘Neighborhood TV’.
Fred’s growing interest in the cable TV market grew into a twenty-wire operation that he sold to McLean Hunter Limited in 196767. He was the president of 19 companies from 1984.

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 75 Speedvale Ave, East Guelph, Ontario Canada N1E 6M3 Canada