980 CFPL Online Radio

980 CFPL Online Radio:

980 CFPL is live news radio station of Canada. It is providing the latest, and most frequent, news updates for the London-area and beyond! This radio station is owned by Corus Entertainment and based in London, Ontario, Canada.

CFPL is a radio station owned by Cruise Entertainment and based in London, Ontario, Canada. Transmitter power 10,000 watts during the day, 5,000 watts nighttime. Frequency of transmission 980 AM.

CFPL uses a four-tower directional antenna with separate patterns during the day and night. The station initially broadcasts news and also broadcasts the London Knights Hockey and Toronto Blue Jays Games through talk programming.

The studios are located in the suburbs of London and its transmitters are located on Wellington Road and Scotland Drive, south of London.

Originally CJGC, the station first went to approximately 698 kHz of air, at a time when wavelengths were usually used without frequency.

It was later converted to 910 kAzZ, then shifted to 595 kHz to avoid interference from a Mexican station at 909, which it maintained until CKK Windsor became CKLW in April 19K3.

In the 1920s and early 1930s, CJGC airtime was CNRL, a Canadian national ghost station used from time to time.Railway.former’s logo In September 1933, the consolidation was dissolved and a new transmitter 730 kAz was launched into the air with a call sign CFPL.

The station was approved by the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission from 19333 to 19336 when it was approved by the new Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

This network was approved by CBC’s Dominion Network from 1944 to 1962 before it was integrated into CBC Radio, and was approved by CBC Radio for several years thereafter.

The station changed its frequency to 1540 kHz in 1941 and in February 1949 it changed to 980 kHz. Like many other stations, it had to reduce the power of the transmitter at night.

The CBC session lasted until 1978, when CBC established CBCL-FM in Toronto’s CBL’s rebroadcast transmitter, 93.5 MHz.

The station performed MOR and Adult contemporaries in the late 1990s (and featured in the top 40 music on some days in the 1960s) but has since become 100% news / talk / sports.


Radio Contact Info:

Address: 380 Wellington St., #222 London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5B5
Phone: +1 519-931-6098, reception: +1 519-931-6000
Email: [email protected]