AM1320 Online Radio

AM1320 Online Radio:

AM1320 is the media of entertainment. We can listen local and international news, music. AM1320 CHMB (華僑之聲) – CHMB is a broadcast radio station in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, providing primariliy Chinese language Community News, Information and Entertainment.

CHMB’s programming is primarily Cantonese and Mandarin from Monday to Friday, with some Brazilian, Danish, Filipino, Greek, Icelandic, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Tamil, Ukrainian and Vietnamese programming on weekends.
CHMB is a Canadian AM radio station broadcasting from 1320 KHz in Vancouver, British Columbia. The station promotes a Chinese language programming format.

CHMB’s studios are located on Richmond’s Commerce Parkway, while its transmitters are located on Richmond’s Lulu Island.

CHMB and CJMR ​​are the only stations in Canada that broadcast at 1320 AM. CHMB is owned and operated by Mainstream Broadcasting Corporation, a British Columbia media company owned and operated by Vancouver businessman James Ho.

Mainstream broadcasting began in 1977 as Foreign Chinese Voice (OCV). In 1993, OCV programming was integrated into CHMB AM1320’s multicultural AM radio station, which broadcasts to the multicultural community of Vancouver.

CHMB broadcasts to Vancouver’s Chinese-speaking community, and in 12 other languages: Portuguese, Brazilian, Filipino, Greek, Japanese, Tamil, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish.


Radio Contact Info:

#100-1200 West 73rd Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6P 6G5