FM90 Route 17 Online Radio

FM90 Route 17 Online Radio:

FM90 Route 17 is THE radio on Route 17! It is located in the middle of the 17 kilometers that separate Saint-Quentin and Kedgwick in the Restigouche-West region, in the north of New Brunswick.

It broadcasts on the frequency 90.1 FM. CFJU-FM 90.1 (La Radio des Hauts-Plateaux) is a French-language community radio station located in Restigouche-Ouest, between Saint-Quentin and Kedgwick in New Brunswick.

CFJU-FM is a Canadian radio station, broadcasting at 90.1 FM in Kedgwick, New Brunswick. The station broadcasts a French language community radio format.

The station was originally launched in 1991 as a rebroadcaster of CFAI in Edmundston. Although the station still rebroadcasts some programming from CFAI, it began airing locally produced programming in 1993.


Radio Contact Info:

Address: 6943 Route 17, Saint-Quentin, NB E8A 2K2
Phone: +1 506-235-9000
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/fm90route17