Oldies Paradise Internet Radio

Oldies Paradise Internet Radio:

Oldies Paradise Internet Radio is a web and Oldies based internet radio station. Oldies Paradise Internet Radio is playing music from the Rock’n’Roll era, through the 60s & 70s and on into the early 80s.

Radio Paradise is a non-commercial listener-supported Internet radio station that helped to redefine the radio station for the internet era. It is known for high quality audio streams and curated playlists.

The station is based in the United States but has a significant international audience,with many of the songs and station greetings on its “world” stream in multiple languages. The station is known familiarly as “RP”.

The station was started in February 2000 by Bill Goldsmith and his wife Rebecca Goldsmith.[15] It was originally operated from their home in Paradise, California, from which the station derives its name.

The station had relocated to the Borrego Valley (east of San Diego, California) in 2016,[16] before the town of Paradise was largely destroyed by the Camp Fire in November 2018.

Bill has been a DJ at various stations (including KPIG, KFAT, KLRB, WCAS, and KPOI) since 1971, and has also been a radio station manager and a radio & TV engineer.

In August 1995 Goldsmith inaugurated the world’s first full-time webcast at KPIG using Xing Streamworks software. Radio Paradise was featured in a TIME magazine article of April 11, 2004 called “The Revolution In Radio”.

April 2006, RP introduced the Listeners World Map, showing the numbers and locations of listeners across the world, currently located under Help + Info/Member info.

In June 2006 Radio Paradise began trial runs of Octoshape for its 192 kbit/s MP3 stream. In September 2006, the station began a 128 kbit/s AAC stream. In 2012, RP began a 320 kbp/s AAC stream, and is now also offering lossless (FLAC) streaming.