Fujian News Online Radio

Fujian News Online Radio:

Fujian News Radio is a news radio broadcast. It is the principal common level radio broadcast in the nation to acknowledge “long haul news inclusion, direct admittance to all climate in the scene” and it right now has a wide scope of commonplace transmission channels.

Fujian Renmin Guangbo Diantai, (Chinese: 福建 人民 广播 电台), interpreted as “Fujian People’s Broadcasting Station”, is a radio broadcast bunch from Fujian, China. It is a coordinated piece of the Fujian Radio Film and TV Group.

Southeast Television (SETV; Chinese: 东南 卫视) is once Fujian Television, a TV station in Fujian, China. It is important for the Fujian Media Group, which in itself is an incorporated piece of the Fujian Radio Film and TV Group. SETV presently communicates in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka and Hakkian.


Radio Contact info:

Phone: 0591-38877777