La Mega Colombia

La Mega Colombia

La Mega Colombia lives to broadcast from Colombia. it is one of the most famous online radio station in This Country. They are broadcast various kind of Pop Latino, Reggaeton. The Radio station with the dial 93.1 FM and is located on the street 84 n 52 78 is characterized by giving many mega prizes to listeners and their charisma and their programs DJs.

It has offices in 16 cities in the country, including an Internet broadcast called “La Mega Web” by Sony. The programming is focused on the youth, public of 12 years, and on. The motto of this station was initially “The Mega hits you to the sky”, but for 2007 it changed it to “Life is the Mega”, in 2010 it is changed again by “In your radio tune La Mega” and from 2015 resumed its classic and traditional slogan that in turn is the official motto, “The Mega hits you to the sky”. Its main attraction is the program that is broadcast at the national level: “The Mega poster” 1 Sunday to Thursday (8:00 PM – 12:00 AM) led by social communicator Daniel Trespalacios and his teammates Roberto “Wilmer” Blanco and Andres Duque (Dj Mega Cali), where they touch on topics related to: Paranormal events, jokes, news and its well-known section; “The hunt infidel” and “Back to the future”. It is also the most listened program of the nights in Colombia, doubling to the second, according to information revealed by the ECAR (Continuous study of radial hearing).

Radio Information:

Location: Colombia

Language: Spanish

Genres: Pop Latino, Reggaeton

WebSite: www.lamega.com.co