M3 Pa’ chupadores Online Radio

M3 Pa’ chupadores Online Radio:

M3 Pa’ chupadores Online Radio is an internet radio station on the Marino Millan Radio Network from Santiago De Cali, Colombia providing Sports News, Information, Live Events, Talks, and music.


M3 Pa’ chupadores Online Radio Bappa Mazumder and Sanjeeb Chowdhury first met each other at a local market in Dhaka in 1993. Bappa and Sanjeeb began to work together when Bappa asked Shanjib to work on his solo album. Sanjeeb wrote a number of songs including “Rani Ghumay”, “Chokkhu Khule Dekho” and “Hattimatimtim” for Bappa’s inaugural solo album.

Radio Contact Info:

 0057 320 676 1512

[email protected]