Radio Tica

Radio Tica

Radio Tica live broadcasting from CostaRica. Radio Tica is broadcasting nationally as a point of information, news and a media entertainment  like this where all media converge at a single site audio, video, graphic, written and largest commercial guide which covers all Costa Rica. Radio Tica is one of the most famous online radio station on CostaRica.

Radio Tica is a property project Linkeas Solutions company with presence in the United States and 36 countries and brings together the best group of professionals in various areas and provide full service for Internet users where they can listen to the radio created by and for loving public music of the 80s and 90s offering information, news that identify us and yet pretend to be a combination of imagination, vision and need for the welfare of our society.

It produces and broadcasts to the world and benefits three main sectors in the world: Visitors, Businesses and Latin American Society. Give users a method of listening to radio while browsing the Internet, generating information to domestic companies a means of mass advertising at lower cost making it a worldwide recognition. We have our own infrastructure and technology. We have a specialized high-quality human resources to provide the best service to our audience. We have systems to measure the constant audience in real time.

Radio Information:

Location: CostaRica

Language: English

Genres: Various

Web Site: www.radiotica.com