Radio Posavina

Radio Posavina:

Radio Posavina is a radio station that broadcasts fm program via the global Internet network. Listeners can listen folk, pop, croatian music anywhere there’s internet access. Radio Posavina broadcasts their program with mid range equipment which ensures optimum sound quality and 99% continuous operation.

The tradition of the Baroque was more lasting in church/sacral music, which was the musical form that was systematically nurtured in numerous monasteries as well as in parish and cathedral churches. The preservation of music manuscripts and prints became widespread practice in the mid-18th century. Simple vocal-instrumental music for two voices with organ continuo was the form most frequently performed in churches; more prominent individuals active in the sphere of music could be found only in larger urban centres. They were mostly organists and maestri di cappella, skilful composers who had small vocal and/or instrumental ensembles and who frequently acted as music teachers (private or in church schools). The gradual development of the middle class had as one of its consequences the corresponding secular organisation of musical life, particularly in the first decades of the 19th century, a period that saw the establishment of music ensembles, music societies and music schools.

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Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Language: English

Genres: Pop, Folk, Croatian, Zagreb

Web Site: radioposavina.com