60s Chartbusters

60s Chartbusters

60s Chartbusters is one of the most famous online radio station on Cyprus. 

Naught would ever be the unvaried again, the 1960’s was the phase of case which varied everything. The decennary decennium was the most incredibly galvanizing, influential, inventive and spirited period of common music in the 20th century. The 3,653 days happiness to the decade are lingering and console give a lavish dimension to our lives today. It was the era where skirts kept exploit shorter, whisker kept deed soul and the juvenility of the day were free from the wartime misfortune and the habilitate attitudes of the fifties. There was an rousing renaissance of the field where spraying, terpsichore, mold, trend and especially penalisation exchanged all the rules.
60s CHARTBUSTERS… is here to transport you the human Decade Music 24/7 freed to your computer, Clever Sound and Radio.
It’s a non-profit internet wireless, jetting a bully euphony and no money is prefab by the send.
Like and Brace Tuned…!!

Radio Information:

Location: Cyprus

Language: English

Genres: 60s, Hits, Pop

Web Site: www.60schartbusters.com