Radio Blanik

Radio Blanik

Radio Blanik live broadcasting from Czech Republic. The playlist of Radio Blanik also contains genres like pop, rap, rock, hip-hop, trance, electro house, country, soft etc. So, be with Radio Blanik and get entertained 24/7. It is a one of the most famous online radio station on Czech Republic. Radio Blanik welcome all of you to the house of entertainment that has been designed to give you the best radio experience no matter where you are living in Czech Republic or anywhere else in the world.

Radio BLANÍK the first time in the Czech ether came exactly at midnight from 4th to 5th June 1999. It was at the Central Bohemian frequency 95.0 FM. In subsequent years, our broadcast gradually extended to other parts of the country. First to Prague on the frequency 87.8 FM and further north Bohemia. Moravia BLANÍK began broadcasting in June 2001 on two frequencies. On Znojemsku on frequency 104.2 FM and Třebíčsku on the frequency 98.6 FM.

In January 2008 there was a further expansion of broadcasting Radio Blanik to other areas in the northern and southern Bohemia and since February 2008, BLANÍK can tune in western Bohemia. In June 2010 BLANÍK expanded its broadcasts to Carlsbad.

Radio Information:

Location: Czech Republic

Language: Czech

Genres: News, Pop, Talk

WebSite: radioblanik.cz