Radio Impuls cz

Radio Impuls cz:

Radio Impuls cz live broadcasting from Czech Republic. Radio Impuls cz is a one of the most famous online radio station on Czech Republic. Radio Impuls music reflects alive in the interest of our listeners about contemporary Czech music.


Radio Impuls reports are communicated in a clear, interesting and contemporary style. Emphasize the timeliness and the questions that most interest our audience. Radio Impuls moderators are friendly, reliable and able to carefully and comprehensively address their listeners. Radio Impuls listeners we are interested, we care about them and listening to them. Radio Impuls goal is to inform and entertain intelligently, convenient (current), imaginative and lively manner, be pleasant and interactive radio.

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Radio Information:

Location: Czech Republic

Language: Czech

Genres: Contemporary

WebSite: www.impuls.cz

Radio Impuls cz live