DBS Radio

DBS Radio

DBS Radio, your elite radio stations place for the Is involving Dominica. For a long time, we have presented people together with excellent radio stations broadcasts and also a large achieving promotion platform.

DBS Radio

Merengue is a musical genre native to the Dominican Republic. It has a moderate to very fast 2/4 rhythm played on güira (metal scraper) and the double-headed Tambora. The accordion is also common. Traditional, accordion-based merengue is usually termed merengue típico and is still played by living accordionists like Francisco Ulloa, Fefita la Grande, El Ciego de Nagua, and Rafaelito Román. More modern merengues incorporate electric instruments and influences from salsa, and rock and roll. Choruses are often sung in a call and response form by two or three backup singers, or more traditionally, by the musicians playing tambora or güira. Beginning in the 1960s, dancing became a part of the singers’ work with Johnny Ventura’s Combo Show format and is now a staple of many of the genre’s biggest stars. Lyrically, irony and double entendres are common Merengue continued to be limited in popularity to the lower classes, especially in the Cibao area, in the early 20th century. Artists like Juan F.

Radio Information:

Location: Santo Domingo, Dom.Republic

Language: Latin

Genres: Dance, Electronic

Web Site: news.dbcradio.net