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Pura Vida FM:

Pura Vida FM live broadcasting from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It is one of the most famous online radio station on Dominican Republic. Pura Vida FM is a music airwaves station. They are broadcasts on the regions around the clock, 12 months with the year. Using a great mixture of jazz, blues, folk, world along with classical music.

PURA VIDA 929 FM we intend to reinforce the ethical values, Christian and moral, that the people have a true relationship with God, full of miracles and free of vices. Our intention is to promote the unity of the family, to help Santo Domingo be a better country for all and for the world to recognize Jesus Christ as the Lord of their lives. ” PURA VIDA 929 FM has a refreshing, updated, dynamic and interactive programming to please even the most demanding tastes. The staff who will be at the forefront of programming have been properly trained so that they can offer quality broadcasts, and always attached to the Christian faith regardless of the denomination of the listener, both in content and music.

929 FM Pura Vida is the first radio station in the Dominican Republic and in the world specially designed to reach all types of public whether they are evangelicals, Catholics or people who do not attend any church. The musical and interactive programming is aimed at men and women of all ages, and the whole family in general. Based on our slogan “Sin Limits” we program music of all genres, ballads, pop, merengue, salsa rap, reggaetón and music in English. Our “talk shows” revolve around content themes with no double meaning, contests where the listener participates through telephone calls to the air. Our programming is full of varied and interesting sections, sprinkled with the best music and the animation of the best speakers and personalities of the country. Our mission is to build, educate, foster our values, entertain in a healthy way and provoke in people a genuine desire to serve Jesus Christ with all our heart. This formula has allowed us to unite the evangelical and catholic people for the first time in a single station of Christocentric character and position ourselves among the top 10 most tuned stations in the Dominican Republic, survey after survey.

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Radio Information:

Location: Dominican Republic

Language: Spanish

Genres: Variety

WebSite: www.puravidafm.net

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