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Ecuador Inmediato:

Ecuador Inmediato Radio is an internet based online radio broadcasting from Quito, Ecuador. Ecuador Inmediato plays different range of music genres like Adult Contemporary, including with local music 24 hours a day. Ecuador Inmediato also provides informative and educational Spanish talk shows regularly.


Afro-Ecuadorian music is mainly of two types. Marimba music comes from Esmeraldas, and gets its name from the prominent use of marimbas, along with drums and other instruments specific to this region such as the bombo, the cununo and the wasa. Sometimes this music is played in religious ceremonies, as well as in celebrations and parties. It features call and response chanting along with the music. Some of the rhythms associated with it are currulao, bambuco and andarele.On the other hand, in the Chota Valley there is bomba music. This music is very different from marimba, having a more prominent Spanish, mestizo and indigenous influence. It can vary from mid tempo to a very fast rhythm. It is usually played with guitars, as well as the main local instrument called bomba, which is a drum, along with a guiro, and sometimes bombos and bongos. A variation of it played by la banda mocha, groups who play bomba with a bombo, guiro and plant leaves to give melody.Religious practice among afro-Ecuadorians is usually Roman Catholic. There is no significant African religion, although Catholic worship is distinctive in Esmeraldas, and sometimes is done with marimba music.

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Location: Ecuador

Language: English

Genres: News, World Music, Talk, Information

Web Site: www.ecuadorinmediato.com