Radio Cafe Gye

Radio Cafe Gye

Radio Cafe Gye live broadcasting from Ecuador. Radio Cafe Gye is the better presentation of class leading Latin music. There are many kinds of Latin music and specially in Ecuador Latin music is very popular. To arrange programs according to the taste of their listeners Radio Cafe Gye plays mostly those music which are connected and liked by the listeners of Ecuador.

This program seeks to improve the level of English of teachers and to develop their teaching techniques through a full immersion in English speaking countries for a period of time that allows to interact with the culture, to practice the language and to learn new pedagogical methodologies.
The program is aimed at Ecuadorians and Ecuadorians with an academic degree in Education Sciences with specialization in English, Teaching English, Linguistics, or Applied Linguistics and graduates of these courses. In addition, those with a third-level academic qualification in any other area, with a minimum of 1 year of experience in teaching English, can access.
“Teaches English Caribbean 2015″ has as main objective to strengthen the knowledge and methodologies of teaching the English language of the future teachers of public institutions in Ecuador, and in this way, ensure that young people in their learning years achieve mastery of the language .”

Radio Information:

Location: Ecuador

Language: Spanish

Genres: Latin, Pop, Reggae

Web Site: www.radiocafe-gye.blogspot.com