Listen to Radio Centro Ambato Live FM

Listen to Radio Centro Ambato Live FM

At this time, you are tuning in to a famous radio Centro Ambato. Online radio broadcast on Radio_Centro Ambato.

At one time, right now, communicates. The most recent music picks 24 hours a day.

At this time, Ecuador lives to communicate from Ecuador. As soon as possible, Radio _Centro Ambato is located in the vicinity of Ecuador. A private radio broadcasting space.

At one time, and the eastern region of Ecuador. Including the Reef District of Ecuador. All in all Radio_Centro Ambato. Works for your ears… in addition.

Radio Centro Ambato Live FM Additional Information:

Its use and dynamic voices are accidentally enjoyed. All in all, right now, or window decor. Explain the audio signal in the picture.

Al is at the center of the endless performance of all or his innovative abilities. The purpose is to become common sense. Without any eyelids near the ears.

At the moment, Radio Centro Ambato is lying on the bank of the stream. At one point the city sits at the foot of a few long slums.

All things considered, as Dun at an altitude of 2,577 meters above sea level.

It is differently known as the “City of Flowers and Fruits.”

The inhabitants of Ambato are called Ambatios or Guatambos. Radio Centro Ambato, after a kind of local pitch. Which is well known for its valley creation.

The city is completely or partially destroyed. After all, a few earthquakes on the set of his experience, mostly late. At this time, August 5, 1944. When the city and its church buildings were at full level.

At this present time, residents are out of admiration for ambitious flights. All in all, the city is in February. The best Radio Centro Ambato Appreciates the celebration of leafy foods during a festival.

As soon as, today, the soil is the product of celebration. At one time, perhaps the most significant in Ecuador.

The city in the light of this truth. As a matter of fact, Marked as “Supporting the Three Juans”. At present, it is the origin of three well-known Ecuadorians.

After all, Juan Montalvo, a writer celebrating the nineteenth century. The country’s public song devotional essay Juan Lane Mera and Dr.


As a matter of fact, Juan Benigno Vela in the development of Ecuador’s independence. That there, Was an important personality. Radio Centro Ambato, Organic Products, Tannery, Food Ingredients. And the city is notable for the supply of materials.

At this point, it fills in as a significant transportation center point. At this time, especially for travelers traveling south on the Pan-American Highway.

This station is a source of information, entertainment, and service for all. They provide accurate predictions to the public from professionals.

Those who have years of experience in their field. And there are healthy levels of both senses of humor. And an embarrassment to make things interesting!

The most important thing. When you need news can be found on this channel. After all, Radio Centro Ambato Because we make sure that our audience doesn’t just get updates during the business.

Rather late night/morning; 36 hours a day, 24 hours a day. So if something happens while you are sleeping or traveling away.

But like missing an important story. Nothing else because someone will always bring us

The station is listening to various dial and online Ecuadorians as well as listeners worldwide.

Information from professionals. Who has a deep idea of what people need?

They offer healthy entertainment to entertain your ears. When providing you with all kinds of services. So that we can help make this world a better place!

Radio Centro Ambato is a community-based organization. Which provides quality, uninterrupted news updates every hour of the day.

After all, Spanish with an effective transition range across seven Colombian divisions. And broadcast in English (Antioquia; Atlántico Norte; Bolivar y Venezuela).

It broadcasts 24/7 international programming including regional issues of the CVNM region. Including Putumayo Napsimi Orino Cuevas Magdalena Medellin San Andres Island.

Radio contact info:

Country: Ecuador

Application: Radio Centro Ambato App

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