RESI El Salvador Internacional

RESI El Salvador Internacional

RESI El Salvador Internacional live broadcasting from San Salvador, El Salvador. You can tune in 24 hours a day anywhere in the world through our website. Transmits information, cultural programs, music Salvadoran producers and entertainment spaces. RESI El Salvador Internacional is one of the most famous online radio station on ElSalvador.

Radio El Salvador International is a radio station that operates on the platform of the Internet, from San Salvador, capital of the country. It is managed by a team of professional radio and journalism with extensive experience. Produce, distribute and broadcast radio content to the largest possible number of Salvadorans who live mainly outside El Salvador, but also for those living within their country. Its contents are visible main purpose of the items on the agenda of the Salvadoran community abroad and the information generated genuine interest both inside and outside El Salvador.

Also, the rescue of national identity, civic education, building citizenship, peace, human rights, justice, the Central American integration, solidarity and the promotion of democratic culture. Radio El Salvador International produces and disseminates quality entertainment content that seek to rescue and promote salvadoreñismo. The information disseminated is plural, timely and accurate.

The Salvadoran community abroad have an specialized communication channel and integrate closer to their homeland and take full advantage of new technologies to bring Salvadoran migrants to their homeland and their families. Also help consolidate democratic life through innovative service, plural, balanced and social benefit radio communication, in which professional ethics is a daily practice.

 Radio Information:
 Location: ElSalvador  Language: Spanish
 Genres:  Web Site: www.radioelsalvadorinternacional.com