Raadio 7

Raadio 7

Raadio 7 is live broadcasting from Tallinn, Estonia. Raadio 7 is one of the most famous online radio station on Estonia. Raadio7 an independent, four-transmitter broadcasting license, a regional station.

Raadio 7 was born in Tallinn in 1993 the fall of the Swedish Christian Radio Broadcast Centre for International Radio Association (IBRA) on the initiative of the Swedish Christians wanted to contribute to change the quality of life of Estonians. They gave money to Christian radio. Unfortunately, many people believe that a Christian radio program is reading the Bible or suggestive conversation with God. Different walks of people who started programming it, found at that time and even now think that the proclamation of the gospel is infinitely more ways.

Rename had quite a long process, because the great variety of options offered. Estonian Radio director Härmo Saarm offered a combination of the name, which we use today. One might have the name of the program to use the word ,, “but the overwhelming majority was elected to the word ,, Radio”. Number 7 was chosen not by chance, since it was born in Tallinn Station number seven, but the meaning of this number – seven in the Bible refers to perfection.

Radio Information:

Location: Estonia

Language: English

Genres: Music, Culture

Web Site: www.raadio7.ee