Star FM

Star FM

Your listing Star FM broadcasting from Tallinn, Estonia and this radio station is operating in Estonian language. Star FM is live online radio station is popular for playing Local Music, Adult Contemporary, Top 40/Pop etc genres of music.

Traditional wind instruments derived from those used by shepherds were once widespread, but are now more rarely played. Other instruments, including the fiddle, zither, concertina and accordion are used to play polka or other dance music. The kannel is a native instrument that is now more popular among Estonian-Americans than in its homeland. Nevertheless, Estonian kannel musicians include Igor Tõnurist and Tuule Kann.A notable example of an Estonian folk song is the Herring song, called “The herring lived on dry land”, or according to some sources just “Herring”. According to the song, in the ancient time the herring used to have legs and live on dry land. Estonian runo-song has been extensively recorded and studied, especially those sung by women. They can come in many forms, including work songs, ballads and epic legends. Much of the early scholarly study of runo-song was done in the 1860s by Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald, who used them to compose the Estonian national epic, Kalevipoeg. By the 20th century, though, runo-song had largely disappeared from Estonia, with vibrant traditions existing only in Setumaa and Kihnu.

Radio Information:

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Language: English

Genres: Tallinn, Rock

Web Site: www.mania.ee