Radio Helsinki 98.5

Radio Helsinki 98.5

Radio Helsinki 98.5 live broadcasting from Helsinki, Finland, providing pop, top 40 music. Radio Helsinki 98.5 also wants to be a part in promoting their own music and musical style, culture and other related things to mass number of listeners eventually people across the world. Radio Helsinki 98.5 is one of the most famous online radio station on Finland.

Radio Helsinki’s background involves 22 to 31. October 1999 on the frequency 95.2 MHz-operating Bat radio. It was just over a week-long Elmun organized by the radio project, which was revered in Helsinki alternative cultural arena Fledermaus colorful history and was remembered past issue. Some of the Bat Radio factors began to be convinced that the Helsinki region would demand radio station that plays music and provides a versatile alternative to the so-called. format radio stations.

A year later, in autumn 2000, belonged to the same frequency five p.m. days, the same authors a new project called Radio Helsinki. The new channel continued shortly afterwards to operate only a web radio station. The Government granted the February 8, 2001 Edit Station Oy a license, and the permanent local radio station Radio Helsinki began at midnight 2001. The network continued to broadcast an FM broadcast in parallel on 1 March. In early 2003, Radio Helsinki, the signal has been part of the DNA’s cable network, which has improved the coverage status of some places in the metropolitan area.

Radio Helsinki were the main owners of the channel-chief Paula Salovaara and United Magazines content director position left December 31, 2006 Harri Saukkomaa.SanomaWSOY group belonging to the Helsingin Sanomat announced on 29 April 2005, the acquisition of Radio Helsinki. The transaction was finalized after competition authority approval in May 2005. Radio Helsinki traded 95.2 megahertz frequency 88.6 megahertz December 28 2006. In addition, the coverage expanded to the north side of Helsinki, Järvenpää , Kerava and around a frequency of 89.4 MHz.

Radio Information:
 Location: Finland  Language: Finnish
 Genres: Pop, Top 40  Web Site: www.radiohelsinki.fi