Album Radio Zen

Album Radio Zen

Album Radio Zen live to broadcast from the FranceAlbum Radio Zen is one of the most famous online radio station on the France.  Zen music is a type of soothing and calming music and Album Radio Zen is focused to play those kinds of music. There are many kinds of zen music and those who loves or is a fan of zen music use to love all the format of this musical genre and Album Radio Zen for the so reason plays all the kinds of zen music.

ALBUM RADIO ZEN – Zen, Soft Music, Ambient, Lounge ; Close Your Eyes ; Relax your mind ; Enjoy 24/7 Ambiances ZEN pour vous garantir une relaxation maximale ; Invitation à la détente, au voyage…Faites de beaux rêves ; we play Ambient radio and Easy Listening radio.

Radio Information:

Location: France

Language: French

Genres: Misc

Web Site: www.albumradiozen.playtheradio.com