Alouette Radio

Alouette Radio

Alouette Radio is one of the most famous online radio station on France. Alouette Radio broadcasting 24hours various kind of French, Adult Contemporary music. Alouette Radio live broadcasting from Angers, France.

History: TheRadio is created in Les Herbiers by Philippe de Villiers (then sub-prefect availability). The following year, he abandoned all responsibility Alouette FM (before entering politics some years later) in favor of his brother Bertrand de Villiers who becomes president of the young station .

The station is named after the site where is located the original transmitter, the mount Alouette. His name simplifies later Alouette. In its early days, radio is associative and saw donations from individuals and associations (including the Puy du Fou).

In late 1984, Alouette is an LLC, advertising (local, regional and national) is now the main source of funding. In 1988, the capital of the station is divided between the founding association, Pierre Fabre (then owner of Sud Radio), various regional, Credit Agricole and Bayard Presse.

Since 1995, the capital of Alouette, became SA , is divided between Bertrand de Villiers, still president and the senior management team. In May 2001, it takes the status of SAS .

Alouette is a founding member of the GIE The Independent since 1992.

Alouette has developed over the years a true regional network.

It is also one of the first regional radio stations whose signal is picked up in radio offers digital satellite bouquets (CanalSatellite).

In June 2009, with 473,400 daily listeners, Alouette becomes the first French regional radio brushing the point of national audience (results of the survey MédialocalesMédiamétrie over the period September 2008-June 2009). On the occasion of this very good result, the station announced it will expand its coverage area to the launch of digital radio as instructed on Bordeaux, Le Mans and Rennes.

In 2010, Alouette reached the point national audience becoming the first French regional radio.

Between April and June 2012, Alouette again reaches the point of national audience and confirm its status as the regional radio France, allowing it to “appear in the ranks of major national radio stations” in the words of Sebastian Lebois, Director programs.

June 17, 2013, after acquisition of SARL Polycom (Tempo, Radio) station based in Henvic in the Finistère Alouette broadcasts in all the north of Finistère with 2 frequencies Morlaix 101.20 FM and Landivisiau/Brest 88.60 FM, under the “Tempo Alouette“. A local program therefore still required on the waves of this new broadcast extension in Brittany west. The same day, Alouette broadcasts its programs on four frequencies in Creuse and Haute-Vienne after the takeover of Magic Radio, which incorporated hitherto programs Totem.

Radio Information:

Location: France

Language: French

Genres: Adult Contemporary, French Music

Web Site: wwww.alouette.fr