Bergerac 95

Bergerac 95

Bergerac 95 is one of the most famous online radio station on France. Bergerac 95 is a local radio station broadcasting a general program focused on the Bergerac city. His studio is located in the center Jules Ferry. The local radio station that shares live news, the latest sports news. Discover our specials Bergerac, flashes employment, upcoming shows and our reports!

Bergerac 95 born in June 1981, a few months before the promulgation of the law on the liberalization of the airwaves. Wanting the outset a local medium, playing the card of information and ease of use, it emits in frequency modulation (FM) of 92 MHz before being awarded the 95 MHz frequency, which will give him his name1 . This era saw the flowering of many “free” radio stations participating in the great renewal of the regional radio landscape, but many end up sinking in a few months, victims of new provisions on the allocation of airwaves. Only two radio stations managed to really win the agglomeration Bergerac: Bergerac 95 and Radio Vallée Bergerac (RGB).

The transmitter station, long located in the water tower Colombier is transferred to Pécharmant in 1992 and in Monbazillac ten years later. The facilities are modernized in the course of the years 1990. In 1993, the headquarters of the radio is moved from the street to the Brothers Victor Hugo Street, the main artery of the city center, before another move Jules Ferry Street in 1996 . That same year, Bergerac 95 passes the numérique1 technology.

The program schedule leaves an important place in local news, but also national and international (in conjunction with Agence France-Presse). Local information flashes are broadcast from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 12:00 and 18 pm and regional newsletters to 7:35, 8:35, 12:35 ET 18 hours 35. The antenna is also occupied by local chronicles, including “Waves services” (the life of associations), “in vino veritas” (wine news) or “the log shows in Aquitaine” (events, shows and concerts in the area). The music in all its forms is also in the spotlight, from jazz to electronic music through the country and classique2 music.

Bergerac 95 broadcasts in frequency modulation (95 MHz) of the Greater Bergerac. It can also be heard streaming on the Internet.

Radio Information:

Location: France

Language: French

Genres: New Age, Sports

Web Site: www.bergerac95.fr