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Radio Capitole:

Capitole Radio is a Web Radio and information streaming.  It disseminates continuous information on the law, divorce, family, justice, not to mention the various news Béarn, but also in the international and national. Capitole Radio live to broadcast from France

Therefore, articles updated every day concerning children, parents, the civil code, but also the couple, this family radio includes internet radio without forgotten more info every day on this new media.

Radio Capitole Béarn is located in the Pyrénées Atlantiques and gives you information on divorce proceedings. Our Web Radio talks about National and International news topics. Radio Capitole is also about law and information concerning the civil code, the couple, the justice, and the divorce, but also all that concerns the continuous general information for the family. Also, find testimonials from parents and children without forgetting our reports on our Web Radio. Radio Capitole Béarn is created in Toulouse and will continue its way to Béarn. Our unique media in France includes general news, media news, and news, but also law, questions, testimonials.

You also find videos and unusual articles. The couple, the family are important for the French, it is for these reasons that Radio Capitole has been dedicated since 2013 to this speciality. Unique in France is in the World Capitol Radio has become The Continuous Info and The Web Radio

The specialized Web Radio the rights of the family and child protection. News, news items, news, media. Radio Capitol is THE multi-media radio dedicated to family law, and children encountering social-justice issues.

Specialized in Family Rights and Child Protection. News, news, news, media .. Radio Capitole is THE multi-media radio dedicated to family law, and the child meeting social-legal issues. The official app “RADIO CAPITOLE” is available on the App Store and Google Play also.

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