Chiche Mi Pueblo

Chiche Mi Pueblo

Chiche Mi Pueblo live broadcasting from Guatemala. Chiche Mi Pueblo is one of the most famous online radio station on Guatemala. They broadcast various kind of latest hits, pop etc. music. The combination of good broadcasting team who knows and has good understanding with their listeners along with top class broadcasting technology makes Chiche Mi Pueblo a thoroughly enjoyable online radio.

They beloved town is full of customs and traditions and we can mention some, starting the Year is received with a great party where tamales, punches and different kinds of food are made to eat until midnight, so receive the New Year in each home Of our beloved town, also pyrotechnic games are burned to start with joy the New Year and at the same time dismissing the old year. Throughout the year different kinds of festivities are realized and the ones that we can mention is the day of the different Saints that protect and take care of our town. The first feast to be held is in honor of St. Sebastian Martin on January 20, then it is celebrated in St. Joseph on March 20, followed by the celebration of Jesus Blessed on June 7, arriving in October In date 8 is celebrated in honor to the Virgin of the Rosary, carrying out in the festivities of the saints the celebration of the Holy Mass, processions and the change of confraternities, burns cuetes bombs of the tzijolaj, the tun and chirimía, concerts Of some musical groups in the confraternities and in the Old Church. The most important activities of the year we can mention Holy Week, which is a celebration is where God’s forgiveness is asked for sins committed. In Holy Week the traditional breads with honey are prepared, different kinds of food are prepared like the fish, the turkey and the hens or with the beef. It is also well known the journey of Judas passing in each house asking for bread, cigar, money or what families want to give. Judas is run by children and young people or enthusiastic adults.

Radio Information:

Location: Guatemala

Language: Spanish

Genres: Hits, Pop

WebSite: www.chichemipueblo.com