Radio Kiskeya

Radio Kiskeya:

Radio Kiskeya broadcasts both Haiti and international music that varies too from genre to genre. Although their main genre of choice is Pop and Rock they don’t have any problem playing songs from genres like hip hop, urban, R&B, etc. Radio Kiskeya’s main vision is to play what their listeners will listen to or if saying the other way what their listeners would like to listen. Haiti has its own beautiful tradition of music and culture. it  most of the time tries to play songs and arrange programs that are gonna represent its own tradition of music and culture.

One of Haiti’s musical traditions is known to outsiders simply as Radio. But in the non-standardized Creole (kreyòl), Haitians identify it variously radio. Regardless of its various spellings, refers to a complex, ever-changing music genre that fuses African rhythms, European ballroom dancing, and Haitian bourgeois aesthetics. The word may have derived from the Spanish compás, which relates to the musical rhythm of the “beat” or “pulse.” One of the most distinctive features of Haitian music is the steady, pulsing drum beat, which makes it easy to dance to.

Radio contact info:

Radio Information:

Location: Saint Marc, Haiti

Language: English

Genres: Community, Talk

Web Site: www.radiokiskeya.com

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