HRVC Radio

HRVC Radio

HRVC Radio is a community oriented radio station which is there to support their community with programs that will be most helpful for them. HRVC Radio broadcasts various information based radio programs along with news on the community-based affairs and other aspects related to their community.

Missionaries are and must be people of a solid spiritual temple to which God chooses as his exceptional ambassadors because He knows precisely who take the command of our Lord Jesus Christ recorded in Mark 16:15: “Go ye into all the world; preach the gospel to every creature. “

For many of these brothers, it is not and has not been easy to assume a role like this. However, the deep faith in the message of the life of our Lord Jesus Christ allows them to take up the challenge of helping others and evangelize people learn a new language.

With this conviction and full confidence in the provision of the God of Heaven, they leave family, friends and above all the comforts of home for, in principle, learn a new language, different customs and develop unique skills that help them to fulfill their ministry well.

Radio Information:

Location: Honduras

Language: ……..

Genres: Variety 

WebSite: www.radioglobohonduras.com